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Flair 2019 Newsletter

As 2019 BEGINS, Flair enters into its 52nd year in business. We would have never achieved our success without our customers. We thank all of our customers for trusting in us, and giving us the opportunity to serve your air conditioning, heating, and commercial refrigeration needs.

Freezing Air Can Clean Air

Scientists at Nottingham Trent University in the UK, and the Chinese Academy of Sciences found as they circulated haze polluted air through a cryogenic condenser, finer particles in the air would stick together in the condenser tube before dropping out by gravity with the polluted air emerging as clean air.

The Scientist claim they were able to remove 99 percent of particles and 98 percent of nitrogen oxide pollutants using this method. Hazardous outdoor air pollution severely effects indoor air quality that can threaten the health of billions of people.

The Scientist reported that by simply circulating polluted air through a small freezing chamber that most of the fine particles and pollutants can be removed.

It is hoped that this study will pave the way for simple modifications to existing air conditioning units that will enable the units to clean polluted air in the areas of the world that experience extremely poor air conditions.

See Through Film Rejects 70 Percent of Heat

In the United States it is estimated that air conditioners use about 6percent of all electricity produced. This amount to 29 billion annually in energy cost.

Windows in buildings account for a significant portion of a building heat load. For every square meter of window, 500 watts of energy in the form of heat are brought into the building.

Engineers at MIT have developed a heat rejecting film that can reflect up to 70 percent of the suns incoming heat. The film remains highly transparent below 89 degrees Fahrenheit.

The MIT engineers estimate if all exterior facing windows were covered with the film, it could reduce the buildings AC cost by 10percent. The product is still a long way off from manufacturing.

RGF Environmental Group Inc.

RGF manufacture's systems to provide the world's safest products for purifying and cleaning air, water, and food processes without the use of chemicals. They are the proven leader in indoor air quality with patented air purification technologies and solutions to almost any type of airborne problem.

To help fight mold, germs, voc's, and reduce airborne particles. RGF developed award winning stand-alone air purifiers featuring Reme and Phi-cell technology that produce hydro-peroxides which are proven safe and effective at cleansing the air in your home.

These products are installed in the supply duct and provide continuous cleansing of the air. Air purification units that produce hydro-peroxides are the best for reducing household airborne contaminates from particulates, microbial, and gas pollutants

Hydrogen Peroxides have been used in the medical community for 170 years for disinfection purposes. RGF products are approved by the US Military, USDA, and the FDA. They are used in hospitals, schools, hotels, cruise ships, restaurants, bars, veterinary clinics, and animal hospitals.

RGF Clear Sky

For those that might be sensitive to hydro-peroxides, RGF developed the Clear Sky. This device produces bi-polar ions which attach to and destroys airborne pollutants and is easily installed, and priced to be a competitive whole house purification unit.

The clear Sky is a self-cleaning Ion generator and has a separated quad ion emitters for superior bi-polar innovation.

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to serve your air conditioning and heating needs, we sincerely appreciate your business.

Thomas P. McGuire, President