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Indoor Air Quality

The Environmental Protection Agency has identified indoor air pollution as one of the top five environmental risks to public health. People are spending much more time indoors. One out of every three American's homes has someone in the household that suffers from allergies or asthma. Clean comfortable indoor air is becoming more crucial for both comfort and health.

We provide the necessary products, services and expertise to insure your indoor living environment is healthy and comfortable.

Good indoor air quality starts with a good air filter. A new testing standard has been developed for filters to enable the consumer to compare filter efficiencies. MERV (Minimum efficiency reporting value) as per ASHRAE standard 52.2, tests a filter's ability to trap particles from the air we breathe. The higher the number the more efficient a filter is at trapping particles ranging from .3 microns to 10 microns. The highest current MERV rating is 20, filtration you expect to see in a hospital operating room.

For homes a hepa type filter with a MERV rating of 10 or higher is what we recommend. These filters remove up to 98% of pollen and spores and 88% of circulated dust and other participles.

Whole House Air Purification Systems

According to the EPA, indoor pollution is often 5 times worse than outdoor air pollution, and presents a significant health risk. We deal with colds, flus and allergy seasons. Allergies are one of the most chronic diseases occurring often or lasting a long time.

Per the CDC, indoor air pollution includes particulate, biological, vocs, and odors. Air filters only remove particulates such as dirt, dust, pet dander, etc., the best mechanical filters capturing particulates down to .3 microns. Particulates account for 35% of total air pollution, biological contaminates for 34%, volatile organic compounds and odors account for 31%.

FLAIR has products available that can take care of all these pollutants and drastically improve your indoor air quality. These products are installed in your air conditioning duct system and are designed to help fight mold, germs, volatile organic compounds, odors and also reduce airborne particulates including biological bacteria and viruses. These systems use UV-C Light to improve air quality by sterilizing mold, bacteria, viruses and allergens from the air as it cycles through the central air duct system.

Some use Carbon Cells to neutralize odors and toxic vocs. Others use Advances Oxidation Plasma consisting of Ionized Hydro-Peroxide, Super Oxide Ions and Hydroxide Ions, all friendly oxidizers which are proven safe at cleaning the air in your home.

They are friendly oxidizers because they revert back to oxygen and hydrogen after oxidation of the pollutants.

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